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The Trusted Baby & Adolescent Doctor
Loyally serving Laredo, TX Families

He understands how important the health of your children is. He also knows that trusting someone else with their care can be nerve-wracking. That’s why he works hard to earn your trust by providing consistent and kindhearted care.

Contact Antonio C Rodriquez MD FAAP for Compassionate Care

Dr. Rodriquez is great with children! He knows how scary a visit to the doctor’s office can be for them and he strives to put them at ease right away. This is why he is the premier pediatric doctor in Laredo. From infancy to adolescence, Dr. Rodriquez offers compassionate care, thoughtful treatment, and an attentive ear.
Board Certified Assistance
As a board-certified pediatric doctor in Laredo for 15 years, Dr. Rodriquez knows that nobody knows your child better than you do. When something is wrong, you know it. He listens carefully and asks questions. Only then does he make a thorough examination and gather all the evidence to make a diagnosis and develop an appropriate treatment plan.

If you’re in the Laredo, TX area and are searching for a top-notch pediatric doctor to be a partner in the long-term wellbeing of your children, give us a call at 956-728-8400 to learn more.
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